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Can Heat Shatter A Car Window?

Can Heat Shatter A Car Window?

Car glass can shatter from a variety of sources. For instance, something could hit your windshield, there could be an accident, or potentially even a temperature change. So a common question is, can a car window shatter from heat?

This is a frequent car repair question, so keep reading to discover the answer right now. We’ll cover it in detail so you can make the best decision for your vehicle.

And if you happen to already have a broken window, reach out for auto glass repair in Cumming, GA immediately.

Can Glass Shatter From Heat?

Yes, it can. Glass is a material that’s made to be incredibly durable. After all, it’s meant to support your windshield and other windows of your car. In fact, it can even withstand temperatures of above 100 degrees.

However, there is a point at which a glass product can experience something called thermal break. This occurs when the temperature becomes too hot outside.

How Can Car Windows Break From Heat?

When thermal break happens, the glass will expand and then contract due to the change in temperature. For instance, your windshield might be parked in a hot parking lot. It will heat up for hours on end. It’s much more likely to crack if you just hop into the car and then crank the air conditioner on. This is because of the rapid change in temperatures, as we just mentioned.

Furthermore, a windshield or window can break if it’s already been weakened. Something seemingly small like a crack or a chip might not seem like a big problem. However, this can weaken the integrity of the window.

How Else Can Car Windows Break From Heat?

From daily driving and doing other things, the glass’s integrity reduces. This can eventually lead to larger cracks. Of course, as you might imagine, these cracks can eventually become a shattered window.

This is especially true if the temperatures outside are reaching very low or very high temperatures. So let’s talk about some ways you can protect your car glass from shattering from the heat.

How To Protect Your Car Glass From Shattering From The Heat

So now we know that the answer to “can a car window break from heat” is yes. But how about preventing it from happening? There are a couple of ways that you can protect your glass.

Park in the shade

If you have the option to park under a tree or somewhere that’s in a shaded area, always choose this option.

For instance, a parking garage is another good way to avoid heat on your car windows. Obviously the goal is that when you turn on your air conditioner, it won’t cause a major shift in the temperature.

Crank your car windows open

If you’re going to park your car for a long time and shade is not an option, then leave the windows cracked open.

This will let heat escape. Air circulates, so if it doesn’t have anywhere to go, it’ll stay inside the car. If you can let it escape the car, then it will put less pressure on your window.

Get chips and cracks repaired

Call a professional auto shop like Forsyth Auto Glass. Let them repair your windshield or window cracks before they become a bigger problem.

Again, they might just be aesthetic or seem minor at first, but these will quickly grow into a large problem. Eventually your windshield could shatter when you least expect it.


If your car glass has shattered or looks like it might be about to shatter, then don’t hesitate. Reach out to Forsyth Auto Glass today.

Get the experts to repair or replace your shattered window. It’s not worth the risk. It could cause further damage to your car, people in your vehicle, and be a major liability. So have peace of mind today with a clear, repaired window.

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