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Can You Drive With A Broken Window?

Can You Drive With A Broken Window?

Driving is one of the favorite American pastimes. However, sometimes things happen to your car. For instance, you might have a flat tire, a cracked window, or some other kind of defect. When these occur, it’s natural to wonder if you can still drive.

For instance, is it illegal to drive with a broken windshield? Well, the reality is that you should really avoid driving with any type of cracked window or windshield. And this article will explain exactly why. That way you can remedy the situation as soon as possible.

Can You Drive With A Broken Windshield?

Is it illegal to drive with a broken window? Not necessarily. But can you drive with a broken back window or windshield? No, if you’re being smart you cannot drive with a broken windshield. Let’s talk about several of the reasons why:

Reduced Visibility

Visibility is key when you’re driving. If you don’t have visibility, you might not be able to travel on the road. You could have blind spots where you can’t see obstacles or other vehicles. If you can’t have full range of motion, then you’re a hazard to yourself and other motorists on the road.

More Damage Potential

A small crack can easily become a larger crack with time. Unless you have an expert repair the crack with glue or completely replacing the unit, then this is a major problem.

Expensive Repairs

It’s much cheaper to get something repaired when it’s small than when it grows. If you have a cracked windshield, it’s not going to stay that way.

This means that anything like a minor accident, hail, or other influences can make the repair more expensive down the road. It’s a lot more cost effective to your wallet to get it taken care of faster.

Chances Of Theft

If someone sees a cracked windshield, then they know that it’s going to be easier to break your windshield. Therefore, it makes your car more of a target for theft and vandalism. The last thing you want is people breaking into your car, that would defeat the purpose of trying to save money by driving with a cracked windshield in the first place.

So those are the reasons why the answer to “can you drive with a shattered back window” is No.


Ultimately you cannot drive a car with a broken windshield. As we mentioned above, there are several reasons for this. It can be dangerous to yourself, to your passengers, and to others on the road.

Furthermore, you could cause irreversible damage to your own vehicle. It’s simply not worth the legal liability or the medical problems that could arise. So if you need a windshield replacement in Cumming, GA, then reach out to the experts today.

Stop asking “can you drive a car with a broken windshield” and start getting help. The technicians will swiftly and effectively replace your windshield. That way you can continue driving without a care in the world.

An Auto Repair Technician Working on a Car Windshield


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