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How long to wait for a car wash after the windshield replaced?

Washing Car After Windshield Replacement

After you get your windshield replaced, naturally you have some questions. For instance, “How long after windshield replacement are car washes okay?” You want to keep your vehicle pristine for any occasion.

That being said, there are some rules of thumb you should follow after you get the glass replacement.

Let’s talk about how long to wait after windshield replacements for car wash visits. That way you avoid any aesthetic issues or damage to your glass or vehicle.

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Factors To Know

As a good rule of thumb, you should wait at least one full day or 24 hours after your glass is replaced to wash your car. Most auto glass companies will suggest something similar.

This is because the installation itself will involve attaching the windshield to an adhesive. This adhesive could be damaged or made to be ineffective if it comes in contact with water before a certain point in time.

However, if you let it dry appropriately, then it will become a permanent fixation on your vehicle’s frame. Furthermore, a rubber seal will allow it to better handle impacts and encourage safety.

So, ultimately it only takes around an hour or so to replace your windshield. You may be able to drive it away from the auto shop right away. Just keep it out of the rain, sprinklers or car washes in the meantime.

Why It’s Important To Wait Until Washing Your Car Or Getting It Wet

So with the answer to “How long after windshield replacement can it get wet?” being about a day, why is that?

Well, the sealant needs to secure the windshield and that requires it to dry first. However, you can still drive your car.

You just need to avoid putting pressure on it. Direct water pressure should be avoided but natural wind pressure typically won’t damage the sealant.

So keep it dry if at all possible to avoid having to return to the shop just to have your windshield reapplied.

A Note On Manual Washes

The question of how long to wait until washing your windshield after it’s replaced is a bit different when it comes to washing it by hand. If you take a towel, a cleaning solution, and manually clean your windshield spot by spot, then this is okay usually. It’s much better than taking a hose and allowing water to splash all over.

Again, the main key is to prevent the adhesive around the edges of the windshield from contacting water. So in short, wait at least 24 hours before doing any heavy washing or driving in the rain. And if you want to be extra safe, wait around 2-3 days.

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