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Different Types Of Windshield Cracks And What They Mean

Different Types Of Windshield Cracks And What They Mean

When it comes to windshield damage, there are several types of windshield cracks that can occur. And of course each of these carry different types of windshield damage. So in this article, let’s make sure that your road trips are fun, safe, and convenient now going forward.

Let’s talk about windscreen damage types and what they mean. And don’t hesitate to reach out to the expats if you need auto glass replacement in Cumming.

Types Of Windshield Chips And Cracks

Here’s the shortlist of the types of windshield damage you might experience, and what can be repaired versus what needs replacement.


Bullseye brakes have different severities. They’re typically circular in shape. They penetrate the outer layer of your glass.

Then there’s a cone in the windshield at a deeper impact point. It’s important to get these inspected soon, otherwise they can create additional damage.

Knowing the types of windshield cracks that can be repaired is something that only experts can tell you. If it’s larger than one diameter, then it typically needs to be replaced however, in general.


A star brake has several cracks that go outward. The impact point, or area of damage, looks like a star. It can be caused by debris, rocks, jumping up, and other kinds of chips.

If a star is not imposing on your view, and less than three inches, then you might just be able to repair it at a place like Forsyth Auto Glass for safety and visibility.

Combination Crack

Combination cracks have different characteristics of other cracks. This could be a star and bullseye hybrid, for instance. It often has chunks of glass missing from the windshield and extensive damage.

Typically, it means your windshield should be replaced at this point. If it penetrated the second layer of the windshield, then a repair might not be sufficient.

Stress Crack

Stress cracks can be caused by temperature fluctuations. For instance, the car might be hot inside, but it’s cold outside. Or you might have a hot car sitting in the sun, and then you turn on your air conditioner.

If you’ve ever taken a hot glass out of the dishwasher and put cold water in it, then you know how this can happen. If it starts to affect the entire windshield, then a repair might not be enough.

So talk to Forsyth Auto Glass today and see if a repair or replacement is best for this type of crack.

Half Moon Crack

Half moon break typically isn’t very serious. It’s almost like a half bullseye. If it’s less than an inch in diameter, then you can typically just get this repair.

Surface Pit

Surface pit breaks are usually harmless. However, if the crack spreads or gets more than an eighth of an inch in diameter, it can become a major problem. A replacement might be necessary. These surface pits can happen from normal wear and tear.

Get Windshield And Crack Repair Today

At Forsyth Auto Glass we provide honest, efficient window and glass repair for your car. No matter what kind of vehicle you have, we can replace or repair your windows and windshields.

Don’t let a crack take away from the safety or enjoyment of your vehicle. Get a quote today.

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