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What Causes Haze On Inside Of Windshields?

What Causes Haze On Inside Of Windshields?

Haze on the inside of your windshield isn’t just annoying, but it’s also quite dangerous when you’re on the road. Of course, the first step to preventing anything is understanding why it’s happening in the first place.

So in this article, let’s talk about some of the common reasons why your windshield might be hazy. That way, you can take the proper steps to keep your windshield clear, safe, and clean.

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What Is Windshield Haze?

Windshield haze is an oily mixture that coats your windshield. There are various potential causes of haze. Let’s explore some of the primary ones below.

Here’s what causes haze on the inside of windshields:

Heater Core Leak

Your car’s heater core could have a leak that can cause a sliding film on your windshield. This can be incredibly difficult to remove. It can even reduce your visibility significantly.

So if you think your heating core might be leaking, you should take your car in for repair maintenance right away.

If the heater is properly doing its job, then any air that goes through the box collects coolant and then deposits on the windshield via front vents.

The sweet smell from this is another telltale sign that your heater core is leaking. You may have residue on the passenger floorboard or driver side floorboard.

If there’s antifreeze under the car, it could be another indication that that is the reason for the haze on your windshield.


Off-gassing can happen when a vehicle releases a chemical in vapor form. It can happen after you have vinyl, carpet, or other plastic installed. This will create contaminants and haze on the windshield.

Windshields and inside haze aren’t a great mix. But especially when the reason is actually toxic.

Sun Heat

Sun can cause damage to your paint job or interior materials. Heat from the sun can cause airborne contaminants to form residues.

Hard Water, Acid Rain, Or Dirt

Pollen, tree sap, hard water, or acid rain can cause residue on the exterior of your windshield. It’s best to take care of these with a thorough wash to see if you can clear it up.

Have An Air Filter Clogging

If your filter isn’t performing correctly, then debris can accumulate and create a haze on your windshield. It’s important to regularly change this to prevent visibility issues.

Cigarette Smoke

Cigarettes and other types of smoke can eventually build up. This grimy residue will create an issue when trying to see out of your windshield. It could negatively contribute to safety hazards.

Get Your Windshield Replaced

Reach out to the experts for car window replacement in Cumming, Georgia. We’ll replace your car windows or windshields, typically within just a few hours or less. That way, you can get back on the road and start driving safely again.

After all, your vehicle is one of the most important investments you have — so you don’t want to be without it for longer than is necessary.

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